“Cisco has decided it will not develop further generations of its ACE load-balancing products.”

Linus is awesome

on getting things done

Linus: I actually am not a huge fan of shiny new features. In processor design - as in so much of technology - what matters more is interoperability and compatibility. I realize that this makes people sad, because people are always chasing that cool new feature, but hey, in the end, technology is about doing useful things. And building and extending on top of existing knowledge and infrastructure is how 99% of all improvement gets done.

on ideology

Btw, it’s not just microkernels. Any time you have “one overriding idea”, and push your idea as a superior ideology, you’re going to be wrong. Microkernels had one such ideology, there have been others. It’s all BS. The fact is, reality is complicated, and not amenable to the “one large idea” model of problem solving. The only way that problems get solved in real life is with a lot of hard work on getting the details right. Not by some over-arching ideology that somehow magically makes things work. 

on delegating

As to git-flow, I want to really re-iterate how great Junio Hamano has been as a git maintainer, and I haven’t had to worry about git development for the last five years or so. Junio has been an exemplary maintainer, and shown great taste. And because I don’t need to, I haven’t even followed some of the projects around git, like git-flow. It’s not what I need for *my* git workflow, but if it helps people maintain a good topic-branch model with git, then all the more power to them. And whether it should go into mainline git or not, I won’t even comment on, because I absolutely trust that Junio will make the right decision. 


Gizmodoers liveblogging their ass off

Gizmodoers liveblogging their ass off

“Let me add a little bit to that just so we’re really clear. I don’t care if our commodity X86 business goes to zero. We don’t make any money selling those things. We have no is interest in selling other people’s IP. X86 includes Intel IB, Microsoft IB. We don’t make money selling that. Sun sold that stuff and we are phasing out that business.”

Oracle’s Ellison: ‘I don’t care if commodity x86 business goes to zero’ | ZDNet

Damn, this was back in Sept.   Well that explains why all their new sandybridge stuff is ~30% more expensive than HP.

"automate everything" is nonsense

do it manually, if that works, stop here

if its recurring too much first figure out how to get rid of or at least mitigate it upstream

then figure out how to automate part of it, the simplest or most common case(s) and continue handling rare cases manually

"automation" just means "custom code outside of the main/live code base".  it is a liability to be avoided as much as possible.  if you "automate everything" you’ll create an unsupportable rats nest of shitty scripts that only you can reverse engineer.



“There is currently more capital offered than capital needed.”
“To add this middleware to your configuration, add the swift3 middleware in front of the auth middleware, and before any other middleware that look at swift requests (like rate limiting).”